521 Main Street, Buffalo, NY, USA


ダンバーのヤムヤム Dunbar’s Yum Yum



Edamame-$5 (V)

Miso soup-$3 (VEG)

Cucumber Slices - served with sea salt, sesame & chili oil-$5 (V)

Tsukudani – roasted mushroom & wakame relish with wonton crisps -$7 (V)

Salmon Roe Deviled Eggs (3)- with shiso, ichimi togarashi, & ao nori-$9

Shishito Peppers -  flash fried with sesame, soy &  yuzu juice -$5 (V)

Age Onigiri – 3 deep fried rice balls with sesame seeds, pickled plum & shiso mayo - $6 (V)

Lotus Chips- fried crispy & served with cucumber tofu ranch $6 (V)

Shrimp Shumai (3)- served with sweet & spicy soy dip  $8 

Pork Gyoza (5) - pan fried with ponzu sauce-$9

Takoyaki - octopus fritters with pickled ginger & scallion, yakisoba sauce & kewpie mayo $8

Nikuman-steamed buns(3) with pork, mushroom & glass noodle filling with yakiniku sauce- $11

Karaage Chicken–  marinated chicken fried crispy & served with cucumber tofu ranch-$8 (GF)

Baku Onigiri – large rice ball stuffed with stewed pork shoulder, fried & served with yakisoba sauce-$11


Salmon Skin & Avocado Roll $7

Salmon & Cucumber Roll $8

Oosama-Kani Dunbar Roll - king crab, avocado, cucumber & tobiko $13

Nippon Yokocho Burger - tuna, avocado, radish, with special sauce on sesame seed rice bun $15

Sashimi Selection -  Chef’s daily selection with ponzu & wasabi $15


Ramen Burrito- ramen noodles, egg, black beans, fresh vegetables, wrapped & grilled in a flour tortilla $10

Tako Sand – octopus hotdog with radish, sweet pea tendrils & togarashi ketchup-$15 

Sweet Chili Chicken Wings – crispy whole wings tossed in togarashi salt, served with a sweet chili sauce - 3 for $6, 6 for $10 (GF)

Bakudan Wing - whole boneless wing stuffed with pork, mushrooms & glass noodles, served with chili hoisin-$12  

Katsu Onigirazu – Panko crusted chicken or pork, napa slaw, wrapped with sushi rice & nori $12

Bao Buns (2)-    vegetable-$7  -pork-$10   -chicken-$11


Choose your Kushiyaki (skewered meat & vegetables)- served with steamed rice, pickles & soft boiled egg-$5  Over Japanese Fried Rice-Add $8

Japanese Meatballs -  pork, chicken, or salmon with sweet & sour sauce $3 each

Dengaku Tofu Steak - fried tofu steak with miso based glaze $2 each (V)(GF)

Quail’s Egg Tempura  -  served with mustard sauce $3 each

Yakitori (Chicken Skewer) - $2 each

Yakiton (Pork Belly Skewer)-$3 each

Shrimp Tempura-$3 each

Steak Kushiyaki- $4 each

Flat 12 Mushrooms- $3 each (V)

Vegetable Tempura-$2 each (VEG)


Shio Ramen– chicken & dashi double soup with sliced pork, soft boiled egg, bamboo shoots, scallion $13

Vegetable Miso Ramen– kombu dashi, miso, fresh vegetables & scallion- (VEG) $9

Udon – pork bone broth & mushroom dashi double soup, braised pork shoulder, roasted mushroom, greens & soft boiled egg -$12

*Substitute Rice Noodles for Gluten Free Option*


$9 - Hello Kitty Fun Bowl – choice of skewers (2) over white rice in a hello kitty bowl with miso soup

$10 The Jackson Five- choice skewers (2), dumplings (2), rice, miso soup, sugar cookie

$6 Cucumber & avocado roll

About Us

Mistua Chow’s brings a fresh vision to the Buffalo dining and nightlife scene.  A worldly experience that taps into the international pulse of the next generation of culinary and bar culture.   Misuta Chow’s is the first restaurant and bar establishment in Buffalo highlighting the 80s pop culture and classic arcade games with a Tokyo City themed décor and Japanese Street Food.  

Our crew of experienced and world traveled restauranteurs, artists and designers will recreate Tokyo City and the consumer will feel as if they have been transported into a different world.  From arcade games to murals, neon lighting  and Japanese lanterns Misuta Chow’s is sure to be the next trend setting brand to launch in Western New York.   


Some of the classic arcade games you will find inside are Pac- Man, Space Invaders, Rampage, Donkey Kong and Centipede.  Misuta Chow’s will also have a state of the art game room that offers ski ball and pinball machines.